So it’s been a while


OMG – he IS alive! Well, you of course knew that from Social Media, but I haven’t been here for a while. I’ll try to change that, but I actually broke the db connection and couldn’t log on for a while! Yes – me!


Anyway, more to come soon including my post on my opinion re: the POTUS election, and it may not be what you think!

Rants and Raves


I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a bunch of rants and raves:

  1. If you read my Facebook posts about Miley Cyrus on SNL40, please note that it’s not whether or not I think she can (a) sing or (b) did a good job, but more of this. Take a look at the list HERE ( and note the musicians over 40 years of SNL including (and I’ll leave out anyone who isn’t alive anymore). And, I’ll select only from seasons 1-9 and then 35-40:
    1. Billy Preston & Janis Ian, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, Phoebe Snow, Art Garfunkel & Jessy Dixon Singers, Patti Smith, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Brian Wilson, Chuck Berry, The Kinks, Santana, Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello,
      Billy Joel,The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Bette Midler, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Cheap Trick, The Allman Brothers Band, Lindsey Buckingham, Hall & Oates, John Cougar Mellencamp, Elton John, Joe Jackson, Squeeze, Duran Duran, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks Willie Nelson, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Radiohead,  Lady Antebellum, Coldplay,  Eminem, Justin Timberlake,
  2. So my question is… WHY WAS MILEY CYRUS (and for that matter Kanye) EVEN IN THE DISCUSSION???


Mets Rant ON


Easy question – and honestly not a really tough one to answer:

What’s wrong with the Mets (or, how do they get fixed.)

It’s not that hard.  Let’s take it from this angle:

Could a baseball team win with ANY of the Mets starting 9 on their team?  Answer YES. Well, Yes BUT…

IF you surround ‘mediocre’ talent, you can win. So, yes, you can win a WS with Duda as your 1Bman. Yes, you can win with Chris Young in the OF. Yes, you can win with Ruben Tejada at SS.



Put Giancarlo Stanton in the OF instead of Chris Young. Duda isn’t that important anymore.  Put Hanley Ramirez at SS and see Young not matter as much.


The problem is (once again) Jeffy and the ownership. It takes money to get Hanley, or Stanton or CarGo… they won’t spend it. They’re asking Sandy “Can we win with these guys” and the answer is “Yes, but…” I think ownership is conveniently not hearing the end of the sentence.


Trade some SP depth… DON’T trade your “good players for prospects” – that’s why we’re here. Yes, Beltran for Wheeler was a great trade. I even like Dickey for Noah and Travis. But those were trades to get you “closer” – keep making them and you end up further away. NOW is the time to trade depth for TALENT. The Mets can do it – hell, they’ve done it: See Gary Carter. See Mike Piazza. See Johan Santana. THAT IS EXACTLY THE TYPE OF TRADE THE METS NEED NOW – Good young players from depth for a proven Major League big time talent.

Trading proven talent now for prospects (Dan Murphy) at this point is a backwards (but, yes, cheaper) move. Wrong time and wrong way.

It’s time for the 2014/15 version of Piazza and Carter. (Then, yes Jeffy, you’ll need to pay the man.)  We have a ton of young SP. You may even need to slightly overpay.


Travis OR Plawicky

deGrom, Montero, Gee, Niese (choose 3)

Chris Young and maybe a middle prospect like LJ Mazzilli for Stanton.

Too much? Maybe…. by trading 3 of those pitchers your starting rotation in 2015 is STILL: Harvey, Wheeler, Syndegaard, Colon and the 4th one left – I’d take that ANY DAY. You STILL have a young catcher ready to play. AND you have one of the best OF in the game.

Yes, it’s a lot but it’s time to move forward not backwards. Write the freakin check Jeffy…

That sucks


J. Geils got it right

Latest Update


First, yes – I have a home. I moved into my new house in August and have been busy upgrading the electrical, ripping out carpet, painting and more. OK, I’ve been paying people to do that for me.


Just wanted to let you all know I’m alive, relatively well and more to come soon!



And still homeless… WTF?


Well, last Friday I was supposed to be un-homeless, but that didn’t happen. Thanks to Big Al and fam for going away for a week and allowing me to house-sit!

Tomorrow BETTER be the day. If not, I’ll let you know where either ill put the cardboard box, or which state facility I’ll be at!!

Big news (I hope/it better) tomorrow!

Leg 2 complete!


Ha! See what I did there? Leg? Leg? I crack myself up!!

Anyway my eternal thanks and gratitude to Donna, David, Oliver and Lilly for letting me crash this week. When I’m in the next digs, please come over for dinner!!

Today it off to EWR to LAS and its 100+ temps. And please don’t tell me it’s a dry heat. So’s my oven. Ill either be at the tradeshow, the pool or the sports book if you’re looking for me and ill be staying at the lovely Hooters hotel and casino. Yes I’m serious!

Anyway time to pack once again. More updates soon!



So I’m out of the hotel and on to the next step. Eternal thanks to my host family for the next 4 days!

By the way, can the last few steps of the mortgage process go any slower? I’m still not 100% confirmed for my closing date and I’m just a wee bit freaked out.

More later. Onto more PT then to lose myself in work for a while.

Day 2


If I’m going to be homeless in NJ, I’m going to document it! Not only on the blog, but I’ll try to check in on Foursquare as much as possible. Why? Why the heck not. First, it’s helping me keep sane. There’s only so much hotel TV one can watch. Fortunately, it’s the 2013 and I have NetFlix, YouTube, FB and other mindless things to do. And thank G-d I can drive at least a bit. Planning to hit the local sports bar tonite to watch some of the pre-season NFL game, so there’s that too.   I killed off about an hour this morning sitting by the (indoor) pool reading. *sigh*

Loving life on the road!



Homeless Week, Driving and More


So, welcome to homeless week, day 1! Today, I’m at the WWHQ of CellCon Wireless, where my desktop PC will live for a couple of weeks. Then it’s back to the hotel, maybe some light bike riding in the gym and dinner with the ‘rents.

The hotel is just fine, thank you. Nothing extra-ordinary, but the staff is good, the place is clean and there are complimentary Tootsie Pops in the room! (No, SNY in the room tho, so I can’t watch the Mets!)

They have a restaurant in house, but it’s pricey – dinner would cost me over $50, but there are plenty of other places not too far and I can drive in short bursts.

Of course, all the money I saved on gas not driving for 5 weeks just “left the building” as the car needed a new battery today!

That’s all for now, tune in next time – same bat time, same bat blog – for the next chapter of Homeless in NJ!



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